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Overview of the Muses

What is a muse? WHAT IS A MUSE?! Hehe, a "Muse" in reality can be many things. In Greek Mythology, Muses were the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences. But we are not in Greece. In the Kingdom of the Winds, a Muse is quite a magical thing.

The Muse Guild first began in the 21st Year of King Yuri's Reign. The founder, GuardianIV, was chosen by the gods to make the Guild quite a special place. GuardianIV worked hard to make the Muse Guild one of the most wonderful and unique places in all Buya.

The Muses love to entertain. In fact, they love to entertain so much that they hold weekly events for the Kingdom, such as the Poetry Revel and the Gathering of the Arts, both of which you can learn about on this website.

Muse Services/What We Do

Muse Dyes -- Any muse Level 85 or higher can dye. Originally, only Muse Guides could dye, but the god Yinchuehshan gave Walkers the ability as well. But remember -- to be dyed by a Muse is a privelage, not a right. Muses have the right to "sell" dyes, or make you pay for them. So ask nicely, or you may not get dyed.

The Poetry Revel -- In Yuri 33, the Muses took the task of running the weekly Revels to Riches. More information on this can be found on the Poetry board (by pressing 'B' and clicking 'Poetry' on the Bulletin). Revels are held on Saturdays at 12 PM EST, 3 EST.

The Gathering of the Arts -- The weekly Gathering of the Arts gives citizens of Nexus a chance to show the Muses what they are all about. There are games, Stories, plays, and more! These are held on Fridays, at 7 EST.

"Graced by the Muse" -- Can be two different things. Muses give a very special (and rare) branding to the few people who have a muse's heart. You can also buy the Muse's Book, called "Graced by the Muse," from any Muse Guide.

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